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Hollow and Loose Tiles
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Do your floors need have loose or hollow sounding tiles?

Inject-a-Floor system for hollow floor tiles
Inject-a-Floor system for hollow floor tiles
This is a common problem with all tile and stone which happens for a variety of reasons. The results of this problem can cause significant damage to the tile and grout when left unaddressed. It will cause the tile and grout to chip,buckle, crack and potentially cause complete floor and wall failure. Our "Inject-a-Floor" system injects a liquid bonding agent under the tile to fill the voids, support the tile and rebond to the concrete / thinset base.


Our Inject-a-Floor system is designed to be injected at low pressure to form a bonding adhesive layer. The liquid is injected via small holes drilled in the grout joints until all voids are filled, leaving you with a solid yet flexible foundation for your tiles, meaning your tiles will stay strong for years to come without further risk of tenting,  cracking or loosening.

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