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Mexican & Spanish Tile Floor Refinishing
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Mexican & Spanish Tile Floor RefinishingMarble Restoration Divider

Cleaning, Sealing, Whitewashing, Dark Staining, Stripping, Grout Cleaning and Recoloring

mexican tile w/decorative border
white washed mexican tile w/decrative border


Mexican / Spanish Tile floor refinishing is a virtually dust free process with many different finishes for you to choose from. Our highly trained staff can assist you in determining the best finish for your unique floor.

dark stain
mexican tile dark stain
white washed
mexican tile white washed


natural finish
mexican tile natural finish
mexican tile natural finish
varied colored after refinishing

mexican tile before
red mexican tile before
mexican tile after
red mexican tile after

Cleaning-This process is used to remove dirt,grease,grime build up, light scuff marks and any other residue that is on the floor.

Sealing- We use the finest sealers to give your floor the maximum protection and an elegant consistent finish. This process is used after cleaning and/or whitewashing / dark staining.  Please note with the new sealer technology there is no chemical smell and the drying time is approximately 15 minutes.  The floor can be walked on right away.

Whitewashing and Dark Staining-Aside from the natural look of Mexican / Spanish Tile we also offer a wide variety of colors to stain your floor. From whitewash/pickled to dark stains we will work with you and provide color samples that best fit your floor.

Stripping-This process is used to remove old sealers and stain from the floor. We will remove the majority of heavy wear marks, scuffing, yellowing, staining and white salt/calcium residue. We use environmentally friendly chemical strippers to remove the old sealer and/or stain.

Grout Cleaning/Re-Coloring-Our deep cleaning process is used to remove discoloration that is caused by dirt, grease and grime and mold build up. Recoloring is used to give your grout an even consistent color that resists staining. We offer a wide variety of colors that our trained staff will help you choose from.(See Grout Services for more info.)

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