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Marble Floor Refinishing - Before and After
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Shower Tile Repair and RestorationMarble Restoration Divider

Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing/Compounding, Groutwork and Diamond Honing

shower tile repair & restoration
shower tile repair & restoration
shower tile repair & restoration
shower tile repair & restoration


Cleaning- Removal of dirt, grease and grime build up including the low porous areas of your stone floor.

Chip & Crack Repair- We expertly match the color and texture of the material we are working with. Then we match the finish of stone so the filled area blends in naturally.

Diamond Honing & Scratch Removal-This wet diamond honing process is virtually dust free, it removes the scratch and dull/etch marks from the marble surface. We cover the walls and all surrounding areas in plastic sheeting wherever needed.

Polishing / Finishes-We offer high polished, high satin, satin, honed / low satin, and matte finishes. These finishes are acheived using abrasive compounds from Italy to match factory finishes.

Grinding-This wet diamond grinding process is virtually dust free and is used to remove lippage or uneven tiles on a  wall or floor and can be matched to any one of our finishes.

Sealers-We offer the highest quality penetrating sealers available for natural stone to protect against soiling, staining, water and oil based spills.

Groutwork- (see also grout services)

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